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Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Oh...hey there. It's been rather quiet round here lately, hasn't it. Nine months to be exact. My last post was a review of the first episode of Doctor Who and then I fell off the face of the planet. But hi, I'm back. How've you been?

A picture on the left of me standing outside model of Dumbledore's office door. Picture on right of me and Matt

A whole lot has changed since I last posted it's almost hard to know where to begin. The first thing to start off with is that I have a new job. A much better job. I previously worked as a barista, a job I hated. I'm not about to bad mouth the place on here but it was a bad job, one that often adversely affected my mental health. I'd been applying for jobs near enough non-stop since January wherein I had to have a month off for depression and anxiety. I received nothing but rejections or in most cases, radio silence. Until one finally came through. I started in May. I finally after around ten years, have actual weekends off work. Like every weekend. I have a solid weekday job, one that I'm good at. I ended up having to have another two weeks off at this new place, again for mental health reasons. I'm now on anti-depressants, which is something I plan to discuss more at length in a different post. 

Another very recent, exciting change is that Matt also got himself a brand new job. We were in a situation where we both worked retail jobs, me working between 7am-6:30pm each day and him working anywhere between 5am-10pm. It's safe to say we barely saw each other. It was kind of like having a roommate that you never see. But about a month ago, he got himself an office job, meaning we can now share every weekend together, something that we've never had in the time we've been in a relationship. So it's exciting times. 

The third and final and most exciting news is that I'M ENGAGED! Matt and I had spoken about the fact that we would get married at some point but never really had a solid plan as to when we'd get engaged/married. Until I decided that I wanted to ask him. I'd been trying to plan a proposal that reflected us, one that was creative, artsy and a bit playful and silly. However, with Matt's new job, it meant I had very little time alone to plan it. And ultimately, I was desperate to ask him. So I simply did. It's not your typical romantic proposal, but it was one that was distinctly 'us'. Prepare yourself for wedding prep posts in the future. 

So that's where I'm at. As you can tell, it's been a hectic time, but I finally feel like things are coming together. And I feel refreshed and ready to blog again. I'll speak to you soon. 

Thanks for reading!

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