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Sunday, 14 January 2018

Hey there! So in standard blogger fashion I thought I'd post my goals for 2018. I did this last year but, spoiler alert, it did not go well. I barely completed any of them. As I said in my last post, 2017 was a fairly hectic year between getting a new job and my mental health being all over the place, so I don't really mind too much that I didn't achieve my goals. This year I generally want to be kinder, do more things for others and take better care of myself. But I do have a few specific goals that I want to achieve.

Continue to read a lot and review every book I read either on Goodreads or here Last year was a bad reading year for me. I read a measly 16 books. Towards the end of the year though, I really got back into reading, thanks to John Green's Turtles All The Way Down. So I want to continue in this fashion. My current challenge is 40 books this year. But I also want to try and review all the books I read either on my Goodreads account or here on the blog.

Read all unread books and organise my bookshelves I have a fairly overwhelming TBR pile at the minute. Whilst I don't buy books as obsessively as I once did, the pile is still growing rather than getting smaller. So I want to try to get through it, either by reading them or getting rid of the ones I'm no longer interested in. I also want to get rid of books I never plan to read again.

Get my violin grade 4 and start working towards 5 I was supposed to be going for my grade 4 exam in December but I actually fractured my finger by trapping it in an extremely heavy door at work, so I couldn't take the exam. It's been rescheduled for March now so I want to get my certificate and start working towards my grade 5.

Do Nanowrimo I've wanted to do Nanowrimo for so long now and attempted it a few times. But this year I hope after practising my writing, I'll actually be ready to start a novel.

Use the 642 Things To Write About book This goes hand-in-hand with the above goal. I want to use this book to get back into the swing of writing. When I was younger I used to write fiction all the time and then one day, decided I hated all of my writing, and deleted everything. It's one of my biggest regrets. So I want to use somebody else's idea to rekindle my own creativity and start writing fiction again.

Get into the habit of preparing meals in advance I want to prepare both meals for work and also for tea. I recently used my slow cooker for the first time and it was so nice coming into a meal that was already made. I want to do this to improve the meals I have, make them healthier and tastier.

Complete a sketchbook As you can tell, there are a lot of creative goals I want to work on this year. I want 2018 to be the year I finally complete a sketchbook. I tend to get fairly disheartened by sketchbooks because I hate the quality of the drawings in them. I'm too much of a perfectionist. But I want to get used to practising drawing again before creating full pieces.

Make use of my art insta I made an account to start posting my artwork but I still haven't used it. So I want to post some of the art I plan to do this year. It's claire_louise_doodles if you're interested in following.

Keep decluttering the house Along with so many people, I've been curious about the minimalist lifestyle. I don't feel able to chuck everything I own out because I like my house full of random bits. But I have been looking at things like my clothes and figuring out how they make me feel. Last weekend I took six bags of clothes to the charity shop because they no longer make me happy. So I want to keep decluttering the house and only keep things that bring me happiness and that I will use.

Buy more ethical and sustainable items  Along with decluttering and thinking about the things I own, I want to buy more things from ethical stores and also reduce the amount of plastic and other non-recyclable things I own. I have already started on this. I buy mainly from charity shops or up-cycling clothes shops but it's something I want to go further with with things like grocery shopping and household items.

Don't buy anything new from high street shops High street shops are notorious for exploiting people and contributing to environmental damage, so this year I want to avoid fast fashion. I don't want to buy anything from these shops and choose instead to use charity shops and smaller businesses.

To be able to save at least £200 pounds a month As I now have a wedding/honeymoon and a house to save up for, I'd ideally like to be able to save £200 a month and share between these various things. It's something I hope will be easy to do, especially in stopping buying more unnecessary clothes and household things.

Have at least £1000 saved as an emergency fund In my attempt to become more adult, I'd also like to have at £1000 saved for various emergencies be it, car breaks down, vet bills etc. 

Attend the gym 3x a week At the minute, I'm one of those people that has a gym membership just gathering dust. But I want to get back at it. 2018 is the year I want to get strong and toned. So alongside my pole lessons, I want to go to the gym, be it solo workouts or lessons, at least three times a week. I think three is more realistic than everyday because I'm also having pole and violin lessons every week, so this allows me to have two nights free a week to have a life. 

Get private therapy I've been thinking about this for a while. I was supposed to have therapy last year but my new job put a halt on those plans. But I've been thinking of finding a private therapist because very few NHS ones work outside of the 9-5 weekday pattern and if they do, there's a huge waiting list for them. I do feel pretty good mentally but I think there's a lot of things I could do with talking about and working through still.

Use my Filofax I've tried so many various different organisational methods and have yet to find one that works for me. The bullet journal was too open and time consuming for me but simply having a to do list wasn't enough. So I thought a Filofax was a nice in between. I've bought one now, I just need to start filling it in. 

Start looking into Master degrees I've been toying with the idea of doing a Masters for a while. It's something I definitely want to do before I'm thirty. But I want to start properly researching them this year, to see if it's manageable for me whilst working full time. 

Give blood So many times I have signed up to give blood and ended up cancelling the appointment because of various reasons. But I want to finally do it this year. It's such an easy way of helping people and you get to have biscuits afterwards so it's really a win-win situation. 

Get a new tattoo I got my third tattoo in June last year and I've got the itch for more again. I've got several ideas, it's just a matter of saving the money and booking it in.

Listen to more new music I used to be obsessed with music. I'd constantly be listening to it. But perhaps because I drive or because I don't live on my own, I just don't listen to that much music. So I want to try and discover new music that I love this year.

I've got a lot to get through this year it seems. But I'm feeling good about them. How is your new year going so far? What goals, if any, have you given to yourself?

Thanks for reading!

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