Two Films to Watch To Feel Warm and Fuzzy Inside

Monday, 27 February 2017

So there's two films that I want to talk about today. I watched both of these films a while back now but they've stayed with me. They're both indie flicks that feature unconventional pairings. So if, like me, that's your favourite type of film, then these are definitely for you!

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Hunt for the Wilderpeople

This one is on Netflix people so get on it. It's been out for a while so you've probably already seen it if you're more up-to-date than I am, which you probably are. 

Hunt For The Wilderpeople follows our protagonist Ricky Baker, a rebellious young teenager without a family. He is taken by child welfare services to live out in the wilderness with his new "aunt" and "uncle". His aunt is homely and welcoming, despite Ricky's attempts to run away. His uncle is less enthusiastic about Ricky. 

This is quite a dark film in places but filled with a lot of humour and a lot of love. Juilian Dennison is great in this role and can we get a momentary "hurrah" for the brilliant child actors of 2016. He's really funny and kind of breaks your heart at the same time. One of my favourite characters, though, has to be the child service officer Paula, a very Miss Trunchbull-esque character, who is bizzare but her interactions with Ricky are brilliant.

The relationship between Ricky and his uncle Hector is just wonderfully developed. Hector is a cantankerous, solitary man who initially seems to only hold disdain for Ricky. But through the film, we see the pair grow closer. It's one of those relationships in films that I have a soft spot for, where the character are hard-faced for the most part but learn to love each other. 

Swiss Army Man

From the first few minutes, I could tell this film was for me. It opens on a dishevelled, bearded Paul Dano (Little Miss Sunshine) as Hank, stood atop an ice box with a noose around his neck. He is about to kill himself, because he is lonely and bored and stranded on an island with no hope of rescue. As he is about to step off the box, he sees a man washed up on the shore. This is the first person that Hank has seen in a while. Hank approaches the man only to find he is dead. Hank resigns himself to suicide again, when the corpse suffering from posthumous flatulence, is dragged by the tide into the sea. Hank comes up with a plan then; to ride the corpse to civilisation.

If it sounds weird, that's because it is. It's bizarre, it's dark and funny all in the short opening. And that pretty much sets the tone of the whole movie. There's a lot of discussion of farting, of masturbation, of sex. But there's also a lot of discussion of life, and depression and parties. It's a very strange film but a very beautiful one. I could totally get someone not liking it. Seriously, an older couple walked out of the cinema during a moment that I don't want to spoil but if you watch it, you'd know which part I'm talking about. 

This film also has an amazing soundtrack, sung by Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe. I find myself going back and listening to it now because it's just so uplifting and funny.

But this film is for anyone that has ever been so lonely that all they can do is fantasise about talking to that girl or that boy. It's for those who have ever felt weird and strange and outcast. 

Have you seen either of these films? Do you have any other recommendations for films to make you feel "fuzzy" inside? 

Thanks for reading!

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