Looking Back: 2016

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

2016 for me, has felt like the year of changes. I'm sat in my flat writing this, wearing pyjamas and feeling like I'm stagnating. But when I actually evaluate the year gone by, so much has happened that I can barely even comprehend. For a lot of people, me included, 2016 has been the year we have been a let down by humanity. Trump won, Brexit happened, so many bombings, misogyny reared its ugly head more than once, so many well loved celebrities died. So many terrible things happened. But in my personal life, this year has actually been pretty amazing. And so it is hard to know really how I feel about this year.

I thought instead of doing a long post about every part of the year, I'd bullet point (totally in the style of Lauren's Goodbye 2016 post).

Saw Hozier 
Went to Amsterdam
Had jaw surgery
Lived back at my parents for six weeks
Spent six weeks unable to talk
Was on a liquid diet for that six weeks
Began talking again
Watched Peaky Blinders
Watched Good Will Hunting 

Read the first three books of The Lunar Chronicles
Looked at a flat and fell in love with it (and applied for it)
Went to Zykanthos for an all-inclusive holiday
Drank too much and threw up on that same holiday
Drank way too much throughout most of the rest of the year 
Said goodbye to our family dog Sheena 

Saw Civil War and loved it 
Saw Civil War again
Moved out of Matts parents
Had my braces taken off
Got my undercut
Came off the pill and consequently got a lot happier
Went to Berlin and saw Muse

Went to Turkey to see my friends
Experienced tear gas in Turkey
Fell back into depression 
Stopped drinking cows's milk
Stopped having sugar
Got a new car
Baked banana bread for the first time
Started wearing glasses
Watched Swiss Army Man and adored it

Went to Manchester
Missed out on seeing Watsky and spent the evening in stomach pain
Visited York 
Watched Luke Cage and loved it 
Put a Christmas tree up with Matt for the first time 
Watched the Grinch together
Got our pet rats Patrick and Frank

Got a new phone
Got a new laptop
Spent Christmas Day with my family and drove up and saw Matt
Drank too much on New Years

Cried too many times
Gained a little bit more confidence
Looked to 2017 and hoped
Ended the year better than I started

Thanks for reading!

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