2017 Goals

Friday, 13 January 2017

Following on from my 2016 Goals Roundup, I thought I'd share my goals for 2017. I really wanted to list a whole load of different goals but considering how that went last year, I don't think it's the best idea. So I thought instead I'd choose three main goals to focus on which I've broken down into smaller more achievable goals. I am also still doing the 101 Things in 1001 Days Challenge which I also want to focus on this year. 

Focus on my hobbies

In 2016 I really wanted to complete a reading challenge but I just didn't get round to it. So this year I've decided I want to make more time for my hobbies. To do this I want to:

  • Read before bed and on my breaks at work
  • When I find myself scrolling my phone, put it down and pick up a book
  • Complete Popsugar's 2017 Reading Challenge
  • Find a dance class
  • Play violin at least three times a week
  • Start writing a story

Work harder on my blog and internet presence

This year my blog fell a little by the wayside and this something I want to rectify:
  • Blog at least once a week
  • Share links on Twitter and get involved in the blogging community
  • Use my planner to organise my time
  • Get my blog header designed
  • Get a new blog layout
  • Reach 100 followers on Instagram 
  • Reach 250 followers on Twitter

Improve my mental health

My mental health was all over the place in 2016 for many reasons so there's a few things I want to do to get better control over it:
  • Figure out what my self-care regime is and do it
  • Write about how I'm feeling
  • Be more open and unashamed about my mental health problems
  • Cut down on my alcohol intake (with the aim of stopping altogether)
  • Start therapy again 
  • Leave the house at least once everyday

So there's my three goals and their offshoots for this year. What goals have you set yourself?

Thanks for reading!

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