2016 Goals: How Did I Do?

Monday, 2 January 2017

Hey friends! So like so many bloggers its time to look at my goals for the past year and see how I did. I honestly set these goals and then sort of forgot about them so it'll be interesting seeing which I achieved without thinking about it and which I didn't. You might know I'm also participating in the 101 Things in 1001 days challenge which I will update you on soon. 


Comment on other people's blogs

Whilst this one has been difficult for me, I did manage to comment on several blogs so I'd say I've achieved it, to an extent. It's something I would like to carry into 2017 though and do a lot more often.

Practice and improve my photography

This one unfortunately is a big fat NO. I simply haven't had the time to do it during the year. Again it's something I'd like to work on next year but finding the time then I imagine will be just as hard.

Share links to my blog on social media

Similar thing to the first goal really. I've shared links to my blog a handful of times so I've technically done this but I'd really like to start doing it more and getting more comfortable with it.

Plan more and blog consistently
So I think I should have made this goal a little clearer and figured out ways to do it and stick to it. I tended to go through phases wherein I'd plan for the month, maybe get two or three posts out and then not much else. This is something I want to take forward with me into next year because I want to get my whole life more organised.


Get my third tattoo 

I have completed this goal! I got my tattoo back in August and I'm so happy with it. 

Learn some new recipes

I think when I set this goal, I had a few more recipes in mind than I have actually learned at this point. Its a very difficult thing to do when you both have full time jobs. But I'm determined to have takeaways, well a lot less than I do now anyway. 

Start dance/pole dance lessons

Oh dear, another big no. So many times I'd go on my laptop looking for lessons and get so far as drafting an email to them but then I'd never send it. I really do want to do this still though.

Start exercising three times a week

This one is difficult one to say if I did or not. When I wrote this goal I was of the impression that I barely did any exercise. However when I'm at work I'm constantly on my feet and I have to run around quickly so I am getting  some sort of exercise at least five days a week. However I think it would be a good idea to exercise outside of work where I can.

Do something creative at least two times a week 

There was a point in the year, perhaps around September where I was doing really well with this. I have violin lessons once a week and I was playing my guitar and ukulele when I could. I was drawing a little bit here and there as well. But recently, that's kind of died out a little bit as I started getting more hours at work. I am making this a 2017 goal however.

Get a new piercing, either a septum or a conch piercing 

Whilst I would've loved this to happen, I'm not sure I'll be able to. I asked my surgeon about whether I could get piercings and his response was, well, it wasn't positive. Piercings increase the risk of my cheekbone implants getting infected so it seems pretty out of the question. Guess I'll have to stick to my fake septum piercing instead. 

Move into our own place

Yes! This was the main goal for the year really and I'm so happy about it. 

Complete a book challenge

I was very optimistic about this goal right back at the beginning of year simply because when I was recovering from jaw surgery I devoured books but again work got in the way. I've been reading more recently but I didn't manage to complete my Goodreads challenge or my Popsugar one. 

Goodreads 32/50 Popsugar 12/42

Go on holiday at least once 

This goal has almost certainly been completed. I've managed to go on not one holiday but four this year already which I am so over the moon about. In January, Matt and I went to Amsterdam for a few days. Then we went to Greece in May, Berlin in June and I also travelled to Turkey to see my university friends. So I can safely saw I've achieved this goal. This is a trend I would most certainly like to continue. 

Be kinder 

This goal is a little vague so it's difficult to say if I've done this. In my heart I'd say no. I think that I've been a little wrapped up in myself but I want to make an effort to be kinder to people whether that's offering to help people with their bags or giving change out to homeless people. Just smaller things that will improve people's day.

Have you achieved your goals for this year?

Thanks for reading!

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