August 2016

Friday, 2 September 2016

August has been a much quieter and uneventful month. I've been working a lot, as has Matt, so in the evenings we've been doing very little other than watching TV because we've just been so tired. I also seem to have only taken photo's of my outfits this month so I apologise that that's the main photos on this roundup. 

A collage of me wearing three different dresses

I mentioned in my July Roundup, we finished watching series 9 of Doctor Who and had moved onto David Tennant era of Who. Matt and I have come to the conclusion that Martha was an amazing companion and sorely overlooked by the both of us. We've now started watching Torchwood from the beginning because it had been a while since we've both watched it and we're currently halfway through the second series. We're both really enjoying it! 

However, I have done a little bit more than just watch TV and work for a month. I booked a few days of work which turned out to be a surprise week off. During this time, I got my third tattoo. It's pretty much healed other than a little bit of flakiness which is lovely I know. It's such a beautiful tattoo though. I'm so happy with it! It was done by Ashley Luka, who is an amazing artist based in Solihull, and although it was a long journey from the Wirral, I had a fun day, travelling alone and reading a lot. 

Three days after getting my tattoo, we went to see Morrisey in Manchester, which was a birthday present for Matt from his parents. I've never really listened to Morrisey's solo songs, and I only know a handful of The Smiths songs, but I went to the gig hopeful. He's a great singer if nothing else. The gig was disappointing though. I knew none of the songs, nor did Matt, who is a huge Smiths fan. The worst part though was during the song Meat is Murder wherein a video was played of various animal slaughter clips. We had already been shown a video of police brutality and that was hard enough to watch. I couldn't watch any of the animal video. I thought it was an odd choice given that most of his audience is probably already veggie/vegan, and I think it should definitely come with a warning on the tickets, but hey! I've seen Morrisey now. 

A few littler tasks I managed to get done during this month was finally getting my polaroid photos up on the wall in the living room. I'm really happy with how they look! I also decided to jump on the bullet journal bandwagon this month, a little late perhaps. I've got the initial pages set up and I'm ready to start the daily logs at the beginning of September. I may end up doing a post about my set up (because I'm a cliche).

Let me know how your August was in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

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