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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Hello friends! Today I thought I talk about something that I haven't mentioned much on this blog (but likely will more in the future) and that is tattoos. Specifically I thought I'd show you my current favourite tattoo artists and some of the tattoos I particularly like by them.

 A collage of tattoos by Ashley Luka, Charlotte Timmons and Jody Dawber with writing "Favourite Tattoo Artists"

Jody Dawber
First up on the list is Jody Dawber whose tattoo's are just amazing. I've not seen any tattoos that even come close to hers. They're girly and bright and just beautiful. I already have one tattoo from Jody and if it wasn't such a trek for me to get to the shop, I'd have so many. It was so hard picking my favourites because they're pretty much all amazing!

Three of Jody Dawber's tattoos
Bee Tattoo, Hedgehog Tattoo, Bird Tattoo

Charlotte Timmons

I love love love Charlotte's style of tattooing. Her tattoos are colourful but a little muted in comparison to some of the tattooists on here but I think they're really beautiful. They kind of feel a little fairytale-like to me. Charlotte tends to mainly tattoo animals and they're all so cute!
Three of Charlotte Timmon's Tattoos
Grey Fox Tattoo, Rat Tattoo, Cat Tattoo
Sadee Glover

I'd absolutely love to get a tattoo from Sadee at some point. Her tattoos are in a similar sort of style as Jody Dawber's with the bright colours. Again, she tattoos animals but I also really love the way she draws characters like the Dumbledore tattoo below.
Three of Sadee Glover's Tattoos
Badger Tattoo, Rabbit Tattoo, Dumbledore Tattoo

Ashley Luka

Another lady I have a tattoo from is the wonderful Ashley Luka. Again, her tattoos are really beautiful with bright colours and pretty flowers. She mainly tattoos animals and they're all so adorable. I definitely want more tattoos from her in the future!

Three of Ashley Luka's Tattoos
Mice Tattoo, Cow and Pig Tattoo, Tapir Tattoo

Anna Bravo

Whilst I do love neo-traditional colourful tattoos, I also really like blackwork. I'd absolutely love one of Anna Bravo's tattoos but unfortunately she is based in Russia. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for guest spots. A lot of blackwork tattoos are a little to dark and thick for my liking whilst Anna Bravo's are really beautiful and delicate. 

Three of Anna Bravo's Tattoos
Bicycle Tattoo, Heart Tattoo, Flowers Tattoo
Hugo Tattooer

These tattoos are a little different from anything on this list so far but I think they're so adorable. Blackwork again but Hugo Tattooer has a very personalised tattoo style. Whilst a tattoo like this wouldn't match my current style, I'd definitely still want one because they look so good!

Three of Hugo Tattooer's Tattoos
Cat Tattoo, Totoro Tattoo, Wombat Tattoo

Who are some of your favourite tattoo artists?

Thanks for reading!

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