July 2016

Monday, 1 August 2016

When I sat down to write this post, I initially couldn't think of anything that I had done over the past month. I had to have a little look of my calender to remember what on earth I'd done. It turns out July had been a hectic month full of..well a lot of drinking.

When you work in retail, you tend to loose track of what day you're on, since you don't have weekends. It feels a lot like I've done nothing but work over July. Which is partly true. Given that for the past two months I've been travelling to various places, this was the first month in a while that I've been fully working and so it felt a little strange. But around work I've managed to get a lot done. 

The most exciting part of the month had to be the fact that I had my braces removed. After four years with those irritating bits of metal cutting my cheeks, I finally had them taken off, and OH MY GOD, does it feel good! I had to wait around for my retainer to be made but it was so worth it and I love how my teeth look now. So worth it!

As I said earlier this month had a lot of drinking. It was Matt's birthday in the middle of the month which inevitably involved a night out as well as other nights out. Matt and I also had a week off towards the end of the month which again, involved drinking. We went into Liverpool a couple of times, and also tried to have our very own cocktail night on my birthday. Tried being the operative word here, because alcohol's expensive and we didn't research which cocktails we wanted to try. It was a fun night of watching Doctor Who and eating curry nonetheless. 

  • My Dad Wrote a Porno Podcast - I am so happy that this podcast. I barrelled through the first series during my recovery and it proved to be intensely painful, because I was laughing so much but I had my mouth wired together. I'm glad that I can now open my mouth because series 2 is proving to be just as funny as the first. I'm really enjoying it. I especially enjoyed the footnotes with Elijah Wood.
  • David Tennant/Doctor Who - Matt and I finally finished the ninth series of Doctor Who which though it improved towards the end, we both kind of hated it. So we decided to cleanse ourselves by watching some of the older series of Doctor Who and I still love it as much as I did years ago. It reminded me of why I loved Doctor Who.

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