Why Do We Have A Problem With Naked Women?

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

If you've been anywhere near social media in the past few days then you'll have noticed the recent "scandal" in the form of Kim Kardashian sharing a nude picture of herself online. And obviously a lot of people reacted horribly about it. On International Women's Day no less. 
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I couldn't care less about the Kardashians. I don't know anything about them really. My boyfriend had to tell me why they were famous because I was so clueless. But this reaction to this photo has made me care. Whilst there were a lot of people that were positive about the photo, outiside of feminist circles people tried to shame Kim for sharing the photo.

One of my favourite people disappointed me with her reaction to this photo. The singer P!nk, who I've adored since I was thirteen, went on Twitter responding to Kim's photo saying 
Tweet found here.

It's so disappointing because the one thing I always liked about P!nk was the fact that she used her body to send a mesage. She knows she's sexy and so many of her videos are about that. There are plenty of images of her online where she is naked, or mostly naked and yet because Kim isn't famous for "talent" as P!nk puts it, then that makes her terrible. Often when P!nk is half naked its with the message of "fuck you men, I can be dress like this or be like this because I want to feel good". It's not for anyone else but herself and yet she calls out Kim for doing the exact same thing.

I'm just not sure why people feel the need to respond to something like this. A woman is well within her rights to get naked, take pictures of herself and send these pictures to whomever she wants. She can put it on the internet if she wants. It's surely better than having it leaked by someone else. Especially when for Kim she has already been a victim of a leaked sex tape. This is a woman taking her sexuality into her hands and choosing what she does with it. If it's not something you'd do, fine. Don't act so high and mighty because it doesn't make you better than anyone else.

The only reason people have a problem with this kind of nudity is because Kim herself has chosen to do it for no other reason than "hell yes, my body is great". We refuse to allow women their choice to get naked and take photos themselves. And by doing this we are saying, women you can only get naked for sex and you must not under any circumstances feel good about your naked form. We are giving the rights to our own naked body to men and forcing women to hide their body in shame. It's the same thing when we see women shamed for wearing a skirt that is "too short" or a top that shows "too much" cleavage.

What I say is that if you want to get naked, ladies, go for it! If you want to share those photos, do it! And if you're offended, I suggest you look away.

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