Jaw Surgery: Six Weeks On

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Hello friends. I'm back today with another update. You can find my previous updates here and here. This ones a little later because wanted to wait until after my appointment because I finally got my wafer out and can actually talk somewhat normally again.
These past two weeks have mainly just been a countdown to this point if I'm honest so theres not too much to report on really. There was still the occasional pains in my teeth but nothing too awful. I travelled up to the Wirral during these two weeks. I wasn't on my own but I did worry about strangers asking me questions and my only response could be an incoherent mess. I'm also driving again. I think I probably could have drove sooner but it's a scary prospect when you haven't been on the roads for four weeks. But it all went well and I actually drove all the way to the Wirral yesterday so I'm getting back to normal. The only real issue I've had in the last two weeks was where I had been laughing and smiling quite a lot and this caused a pain in my right cheek, sensitive to even touch. Fortunately that passed within a few hours, the surgeon told me it was okay and I haven't had it since.

In terms of swelling, it's gone down a lot recently. Because I'm terrible, I forgot to take many photos but the actual shape of my face is starting to show now. My chin and jaw which were much more rounded before, are slightly squared and my face seems shorter than it did before the surgery. I'm happy with how it looks. I still have bruising around my chin, a lovely greeny-yellow colour but it's honestly so much better than it was a couple of weeks ago.

So as I said, I finally, FINALLY have the wafer out. I explained slightly what the wafer was in my last post but I'll explain i in a bit more detail if you don't know what it is. It's basically a mould of my teeth that sits between them, holding the bite correctly. Then I had a lot of elastics that keep my mouth shut and the wafer in place. This is obviously why I was on the liquid diet as there was basically no space in my mouth and the wafer was also why I couldn't speak. But I had it taken out yesterday and that was very weird. The surgeon removed the elastics and the pulled the wafer out which was a little uncomfortable but over quickly. I then had to brush my teeth and rinse with mouthwash, FROM A CUP! It was difficult because obviously my jaw was very tight so I couldn't open very well. I also couldn't clean the backs of my teeth either because I'm not allowed to open too wide. So my mouth still feels pretty disgusting. I was initially afraid to speak and still kept making various grunts that I was accustomed to. The first full sentence I said, I paused midway because it was honestly the weirdest sensation hearing my voice for the first time. It still sounds strange three days later.

Today, I feel pretty good. I'm so glad to be speaking again. I didn't have the best nights sleep last night as I was worried about leaning on my jaw too much now that it didn't have the wafer to secure it. But there's no pain. I'm struggling to pronounce certain letters because I still get make my mouth close but I'm a lot more coherent now. I haven't managed any soft yet. I have one elastic band on each side of my mouth to keep my bite in the right position which I have to change myself when they snap but at the moment they still haven't slackened enough for me to open my mouth. So I'm unfortunately still drinking Ensures but hopefully by the end of this week I should be able to move onto soft food. And oh boy, I cannot wait!

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