Jaw Surgery: Four Weeks On

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Hello friends! As you may know if you read this post, I had jaw surgery. I've now passed the four week mark and don't I just know it. It's gone extremely slow to say the least. Which fortunately, has been the worst part of these past few weeks.
There's not too much really to report on. The swelling is still going down, although it's getting increasingly difficult to track since the changes are quite minimal. There's been very little pain which I found quite surprising given the amount of work that has been done. There's been a few twinges in my jaw but that's it. My teeth have actually given me the most aggravation. I don't know whether this is something to do with the wafer (a plastic mould which holds my bite in the right place). My chin/neck area hurts to touch in places but as I say, I was expecting a lot more pain.

I still have no feeling just below my mouth but I've been getting occasional twinges and itches so I think that's a good sign. I'm not sure if I mentioned in my previous post that there's a chance with this type of surgery that you might not get sensation back. But I'm not too concerned with this really.

I did develop a cough in these past two weeks which was difficult. It was one of those really irritating coughs that tickle your throat made all the worse by the fact that I can't open my mouth. I've had a few coughing fits where I just couldn't catch my breath. I was terrified it would affect my healing but the cough has since died down now and the surgeon is still happy with my progress. 

The most difficult part though has been not being able to talk. It gets frustrating especially because in my head, the noises that I mumble through my teeth sound exactly like what I want to say but obviously that doesn't translate that well to other people. I've downloaded an app that speaks for me, but it takes so long to write out what I want to say and usually the conversation has moved on.

Needless to say, I'm looking forward to getting the next couple of weeks out the way and being able to talk and eat normally, even if it is limited. The thought of eating mash potato is so exciting to me! Obviously being on a liquid diet for the past four weeks has resulted in some weight loss. Fortunately, I seem to be maintaining it now. I'm already far too light as it is so I couldn't afford to lose a lot of weight. But my appetite is back to it's normal self. I'm having four Ensure drinks a day as well as a smoothie and a soup. I've got a myself into a routine that works. However, I can't wait to start getting back to normal.

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