My Goals for 2016

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Hello friends! I've never really gone for the whole "new year new me" thing. I never tended to stick to my resolutions. I've decided however to set some specific goals in the hope that they'll be more achievable. And today I thought I'd share them with you.


  • Comment on other people's blogs - I have never left a comment on someone's else blog or video. Never. This is for reason's I'm going to discuss in a post soon. However, I want to make a change and start letting people know how much I'm enjoying their content. 
  • Practice and improve my photography - My photography just isn't as good as I want it to be so this year I want to take more photos and improve the quality of my photography. 
  • Share links to my blog on social media - I want to improve my blog readership and really one of the only ways to do this is to share my content. I get a little scared when it comes to sharing my blog but I'm hoping this year it's something I can get over. 
  • Plan more and blog consistently - This is kind of self explanatory. I have an excel file with which I can clearly see which posts I'm planning to put up when. Now I just need to make sure I'm setting aside time to write said posts. 

  • Get my third tattoo - I know what I want for my third tattoo but I just need to kickstart the process. 
  • Learn some new recipes - I've turned vegetarian but I also want to eat healthier so I want to try and learn some new recipes. I got given a vegetarian recipe book for Christmas and I've got a lot of recipes pinned to my recipe board on Pinterest, so I want to try and get into the kitchen more rather than ordering takeaways so much or relying on quick, easy meals. 
  • Start dance/pole dance lessons - Dance is something I've wanted to try for years now. I was going to do it at university but on my way to the first social I chickened out and it just never happened. So after my operation I want to find a dance class, or potentially a pole dancing class and start getting fitter. 
  • Start exercising three times a week - Surprisingly, it was whilst I was in university that I was doing better with exercising than I am now. I've started doing yoga occasionally but I want to get much fitter in the new year so I'm going to aim to be doing exercise at least three times a week (and yoga most days if I can). 
  • Do something creative at least two times a week - Since finishing my guitar lessons when I moved to the Wirral, I've stopped being creative. I don't play my guitar as much as I'd like and I don't draw or write as much as I want to either. So in the new year I want to try to do something creative at least twice a week. I know I have the time, it's just getting myself motivated to do it. 
  • Get a new piercing, either a septum or a conch piercing - I can't get any piercing's until after my operation but I definitely want to get a new one at some point next year. I'm leaning more towards the conch piercing at the minute but I think that's because I'm scared of getting my face pierced. I only have ear piercing (eight to be fair) but I don't know. Either way I want to get a new piercing. 
  • Move into our own place - I'm not sure why I didn't put this one first because this is the main goal for next year. Even if none of the other goals happen, this one absolutely has to happen. As soon as I'm recovered from the operation, Matt and I are going to start looking at flats and so hopefully in a few months time we'll be moved out! 
  • Complete a book challenge - This year I'm participating in Popsugar's reading challenge which I plan to keep you updated on because I feel that my blog has a serious lack of book related posts. 
  • Go on holiday at least once - I want to try to go on a main holiday this year but I'd also like to do a smaller trip to somewhere in Europe. If not the latter, we definitely need to have one holiday someplace. 
  • Be kinder - This year I want to be kinder, to myself, to others and to the world. I feel like this year I've been far too angry and far too cynical so I want to start being kinder to people and helping others as much as I can. I also want to be kinder to myself. 

So those are my goals for 2016. Hopefully I can stick to them. Also I know that I've mentioned an operation several times. I will do a blog post all about this soon.

What are some of your goals for 2016? Comment below!

Thanks for reading!

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