December 2015

Monday, 4 January 2016

Hello friends. Today's monthly roundup is mainly going to consist of what I got for Christmas because honestly not that much happened other than that. I've been working a lot because it was only getting busier towards Christmas. As you know, in December I tried (and failed) Blogmas but I'm glad I gave it a go. As for Christmas, I drove down to Stoke on Christmas Eve and stayed over. In the morning we opened all our presents and then watched various films. Then in the evening we went around to my Nan and Grandads for more food. It was a good day! It was just a shame that on Boxing Day I had to drive back to the Wirral for work. Boxing Day evening was when I opened my presents from Matt and his parents and had another mini little Christmas.

What I Got for Christmas
Some people don't like these kinds of posts but I like reading other peoples and it's fun to share.I've decided to group together the presents by themes because there was a lot of crossover. So I got these Harry Potter jogging bottoms from my parents and they're super comfy. The cute Hagrid top which I love was from Matt and the colouring book was from Matts parents.

I got this B. Eye Palette which is part of B. is for Beautiful range from my sister which I'm very excited to try out!

I also got the Angels On Bare Skin cleanser from my sister as well as a Lush voucher from Matt's parents. 

I got this £40 Kindle voucher from my Nan and Grandad which I've already bought a couple of books with. Matt got me Big Ideas In Brief and I got Red Queen from my brother.

I'm a bit of a collector of these Funko Pop! figures and so Matt got me another one, this very cute David Tennant Doctor Who figure!
I got these awesome T-shirts and this cool dinosaur fossil necklace from my parents. I was also given a dress and a cardigan, a pair of Tardis earrings, a nightgown, a Stitch teddy and lots of socks which are always welcome. Needless to say I was very happy with all my presents!


Star Wars

 Only the one favourite this time and it's probably not too much of a surprise. I was never a huge lover of the Star Wars franchise as a kid which is odd because I love sci-fi stuff. Before going to watch The Force Awakens we decided to watch the older movies and I just can't believe I never watched them. I've just fallen in love with them. The Force Awakens though, I was just blown away by. It was amazing! So yeah, December has been the month of Star Wars for me.

Links I've Loved 
  • Another great post I read this month was by April at HelloApril wherein she discusses the difficulties of trying to enjoy a holiday without feeling the need to chronicle it in the best light. 
  • I've always been a believer that mental health problems are something you cannot simply 'get over'. It may get easier but it can also start up again at anytime. This post reaffirms that and it's reassuring to read someone's experience that is similar to my own. 

I hope your December (and Christmas) was great!

Thanks for reading!

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