Jessica Jones Series 1 Review

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Hello friends! I recently finished watching Netflix's Jessica Jones, so I thought I'd do a spoiler-filled review. If you're planning on watching it and don't want it ruined, stop reading now.

I was very excited for this series. I had watched Daredevil, the other Netflix made Marvel show and I absolutely adored it. I cannot wait for series 2 of it. Matt had also read the Alias comics and said they're amazing, so the series was very hyped up in my head. Also it had David Tennant in, and I love him. Unfortunately the show didn't quite manage to deliver. Maybe I'd hyped it a little too much but I was somewhat let down. It's good but it's not great.

The opening episodes I think were the shows high points. Jessica is suffering from PTSD from her experience with Kilgrave. She's an angry, alcoholic P.I. who also happens to have super-strength. The show goes along the P.I. route wherein we have a lot of monologues from Jessica over scenes, typical of the hard-boiled detective genre which I thought worked really well. We also in these opening episodes see Jessica suffering from panic attacks and flash backs to her time with Kilgrave.

Both of these elements are relatively forgotten about as the series pushes on. The writers forget about the voice overs completely. Her PTSD is pretty much non-existent when she comes face to face with him which I found slightly unbelievable. And her alcoholism almost just becomes a quirky character trait as oppossed to a mental illness. I know that this is a fantasy show but I want to see a female character who struggles with these kinds of things. Mental illnesses are an ongoing thing. I don't believe that you can simply get over it and never be affected by it again. This seems to happen in the show. She has PTSD initially but as soon as she comes face to face with him, and later lives with him for a little bit, it doesn't seem to be a problem for her. Also, she never seems particularly affected by the amount she drinks. It's a shame because we need more shows were women are affected by these sorts of issues, particularly ones that are often seen as masculine. It seemed like the show just wanted to show Jessica as a strong woman who can overcome anything but I think for my part, I would have liked to have seen a more realistic portrayal of mental health, one where there are relapses and struggles. I would've have liked them to show that even if you have mental health problems that may make you feel weak, you can still be strong.

I think unfortunately the show could have benefited from better writing or perhaps a shorter run. I felt that they found it difficult to get around Kilgrave's powers and so the ways in which the got Jessica out of difficult spots were kind of silly and very frustrating. Like the scene in episode 9 where Jessica has Kilgrave locked up in the hermetically-sealed chamber and is trying to get him to reveal his powers in front of a camera and a senior-police officer. We've been shown that Kilgrave is very intelligent and very cunning and wants to stay hidden, so it's seems like a very stupid plan to get him to reveal his powers because we just know he'd do anything to not show them if necessary. Kilgrave then escapes because all the characters are just complete fools. Jessica for some reason doesn't think that Kilgrave would kill his parents despite the fact that he's a psychopath. Hogarth sabotages the room even though she's aware of what Kilgrave can do, even if she doesn't believe it. And Trish shoots through the window, which destroys one of the only safe places they had to keep Kilgrave.

There's a few scenes like this where the plans they had to capture Kilgrave were so stupid that it ruined things. We're supposed to see Jessica as a very capable person who knows Killgrave better than anyone and so scenes like I've just mentioned just make her seem idiotic.

David Tennant was great in it, but this goes without saying. I'd love David Tennant in anything. He's definitely the best in the series. He can be oh-so creepy at times and then in some episodes I found myself feeling sorry for him. I guess that's a testament to how good of an actor he is. I also really liked Mike Colter who played Luke Cage. He wasn't in that many episodes but the ones where he was I very much enjoyed. I'm glad that he's getting his own series as well.

In summary, I think the series was a very good start to the story of Jessica Jones and I'm looking forward to Series 2. We need more female superheroes and we need more female superheroes that are not simply unique because they are female. And this show helps to deliver on this. If the series had been a little shorter I think that overall this would have been a better series.

Have you watched Jessica Jones? What did you think? 

Thanks for reading!

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