Blogmas Day 5: Christmas Jumper Wishlist

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Hello friends! I'm back with Blogmas Day 5 and today I bring to you an actual festive post. Hurrah!

I only have in my possession one christmas jumper. I bought in my second year of uni for an Christmas Jumper themed party. This is something I want to rectify. However, since I've set one of my goals this month to save money, I probably won't be able to so instead I've done a bit of window shopping (lets face it though, I'm gonna buy at least one of these). 

The christmas jumpers I like tend to have a bit of a theme. That is, lots of cute animal cartoons. I just think they're so adorable especially the penguin pyramid one. Jumper 8 I feel is a bit more understated and a little bit more fashionable. It's christmassy but the black and white tones it down a little. I think that Jumper 3 is a really cute jumper, like you're wearing a christmas card. My favourite though has to be the Adventure Time jumper. I'm so gutted it's sold out because it just awesome!

| Jumper 1 (sold out)| Jumper 2 | Jumper 3 | Jumper 4 | Jumper 5 | Jumper 6 | 

Thanks for reading!

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