Blogmas Day 4: My Favourite YouTubers

Friday, 4 December 2015

Hello friends. Today I thought I'd share with you the YouTubers whose content I love. 

Kiera Rose is by far, my favourite YouTuber. Her videos cover all manner of things, fashion, beauty, vegetarianism/veganism, body mods and so on. She's funny and interesting to watch. She is also very open about her mental health which I think is important.

Helen Anderson

Helen Anderson is another tattooed alternative lady who I just love to watch. Her videos tend to focus fashion, beauty, hair and tattoos. She is also in a band called Box of Light inspired by the music of Best Coast amongst others. Her style just inspires me so much.

Manda Louise

Manda Louise is a smaller YouTuber with nearly 500 subscribers. She is a student in Lincoln who studies illustration. She is also vegan. I only recently discovered her but I spent one of my days off binge watching her vlogs. There's something about her simple style of vlogging that just makes me feel like chatting to a friend as opposed to watching someone's video. 


It seems kind of pointless to describe Pewdiepie because lets face it, if you are a fan of YouTube you're most likely subscribed to him. At the very least you know who he is. Pewdiepie's video's make me laugh and if I've had a bad day or I'm just feeling a bit sad, he's video's make me feel a little better.

There's probably plenty more but these are the ones that spring to mind. What YouTubers do you always make the time to watch? Comment below!

Thanks for reading!

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