Blogmas Day 3: Vegetarianism/Veganism

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Hello friends! It's Blogmas Day 3 and today I thought it was about time that I explained my views on vegetarianism and veganism as several times on this blog I've mentioned the words "cruelty-free" and "vegan". 

On the 27th October I made the decision to go vegetarian. I'd been interested in doing it for a while before that and had tried to cut meat out of my diet as much as possible. But it came to a point where I felt I'd never do it. I kept putting it off reasoning that "it'd be easier to do when Matt and I have our own place and have full control over our food". It was playing on my mind far too much so I just took the plunge.

It's been a month now and honestly, it's been pretty easy, I guess because it wasn't that huge of a transition for me. Meat was never really a major part of the meals Matt and I had and throughout university we ate quorn meat a lot more than we did real meat. So nothing too much has changed. I'm just thinking more about what I eat now. I'm usually somewhat dubious of trying new meals in restaurants just in case I don't like it and I've wasted the money but so far, the vegetarian alternatives I've tried have been great so there's not really an issue.

So why vegetarianism as opposed to veganism? Simply because I believe vegetarianism is changing your food whereas veganism is changing your entire lifestyle. I don't feel that at this time going vegan is a viable choice for me. Going vegetarian was much easier than I thought it would be but veganism is difficult I think, without being able to organise your own weekly shops and being able to stock the kitchen as I'd like to. I've taken on vegan elements to my lifestyle where it was easy to, for example with my makeup. I didn't own much makeup and so it was easy to buy only cruelty-free things and after a bit of research, vegan makeup as well. I will likely at some point try to go vegan. I just feel at this point it's not right for me to do that. But thus far, I'm happy with my decision to become veggie.

Are you vegan or vegetarian? Do you have tasty recipes or some tips on staying devoted to a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!

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