November 2015

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Hello friends! In November Matt and I both had a week off work which we had been waiting for for a long time. We decided we would visit a new city and so we took a trip to Manchester. We had both been Manchester for gigs and various other things but we'd never just explored. We went around the Northern Quarter which had some very cool shops. I loved Fred Aldous which was an arts and crafts shop. We also explored some of the Christmas Markets. We didnt buy much but it was fun getting to know a new city. I also bought a new camera, the Panasonic TZ57 as my other handheld camera broke. So far I'm quite impressed with it. 

My goals from last month did not go as well as planned. Nanowrimo...well suffice to say I did not win. I didn't even get close to winning. So unfortunately that failed. Eating healthier also took a bit of a back seat. Going to Manchester resulted in us just eating in various different resturants so it wasn't too healthy. And whilst I did take a few more photos it wasn't as many as I would've liked. So overall not great.


Parks and Rec

We're on Series 5 of Parks and Rec at the moment and I just think it's such a cute programme. I just love it! Amy Poehler is brilliant in it and I love Chris Pratt and Aubrey Plaza in it so much! It so cute I can barely handle it. 

Lush Shampoo Bar

This is the first time I've used a shampoo bar and I'm very happy with it. I'd previously been using Morrocan Argan Oil Shampoo which was making my hair greasy. But this shampoo bar along with the Vegenese conditioner is leaving my hair really soft and light.

Links I Loved 

This isn't so much as just one link but rather a movement I guess, that's happening on the internet and it's Dorkface's Girl Gang. Basically Jemma of Dorkface (who I mentioned in my recent blog crushes post) has created a badge which you can display on your blog to say that you are part of a group of bloggers who support one another and just generally spread happiness. You can find out all about it here. I just think this is a great idea because it's allowing bloggers to get to know one another and it's creating a wonderful supportive network.

December Goals 

Save money 
This seems like a foolish goal during December but I desperately need to put some money aside. I tend to spend far too much on clothes. So this month I really only want to spend on Christmas presents and little else. 

Get creative 

As I mentioned earlier Nanowrimo didn't go as well as I would have liked so I want to make sure I'm doing more creative things whether it be writing, drawing, playing guitar etc as much as I can. 

Eat healthier

Again I want to try eating healthier. I want to try to keep ordering food to a mininum which well help both this goal and saving money. But I'm also eager to try out some new vegetarian and vegan recipes.
How was your November?

Thanks for reading!

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