Steve Jobs (2015) Review

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Hello friends! Today I'm bringing you a movie review of Danny Boyle's Steve Jobs. The movie stars Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs. The screenplay was by Aaron Sorkin who notably wrote The Social Network.

Before watching this movie, I knew very little about Steve Jobs. I'll admit, after leaving the movie, I'm still not sure how much I knew about the man he was. What I did know however, was that I was so impressed with this movie, so much more than I thought I would be. 

Firstly this film is so engaging and interesting to watch. There were a lot of points during the movie wherein I didn't know what people were talking about. There was a lot of technical talk and I just don't know that much about computers. But that really didn't matter. You understand the undercurrents and the emotions of the characters enough to know the story. And this is due to the fact that the actors are just amazing in their roles. Michael Fassbender and Kate Winslet have a great chemistry on screen. You instantly believe in their relationship. Seth Rogen was also surprisingly good in this movie. He is an actor whom I only know for being funny and little else really. In Steve Jobs, playing the role of Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, he shone.

Steve Jobs looks great as well. The way in which the film is shot matches the way in which it would have been filmed at that time. The picture is slightly grainy and dull in the beginning eras becoming much glossier and brighter at the end. There were points during this movie when I just found myself enjoying the cinematography. I'm not a film buff in any sense but I just thought that this looked great. Danny Boyle, whose only other film I've seen is Trainspotting (which I loved), did a great job with direction. I loved the way in which conversations between Jobs and the ex-CEO of Apple, John Scully were shot, wherein you saw the existing conversation and the previous conversation they're referencing. Sometimes I lost track but I thought that was a really interesting way of progressing the storyline.

I'm surprised to see that this film has kind of 'flopped' in terms of viewership because it's a great film. If you're a fan of The Social Network this will be right up your alley.


Have you seen the movie? What are your thoughts on it? 

Thanks for reading!

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