October 2015

Monday, 2 November 2015

Hello friends! So I never did make a plan for October. I didn't get back into posting like I promised. But as autumn came in, I kind of lost a bit of motivation but it's coming back in dribs and drabs. Anyway, lets crack on with my monthly roundup.

This month has been pretty quiet really. Matt and I have both just kind of buckled down and got on with our new jobs which left little time for anything else really. One amazing thing that happened in September though was I got to see Florence and the Machine in Birmingham. It was just awesome! Florence is just such a good performer. We also spent a little bit of time around Birmingham and I bought a new ukulele so that was exciting. In the middle of October we also took a little trip around Chester which was particularly lovely.


EcoTools Makeup Brushes

 I suck at makeup. I'm truly terrible. I had a set of eyeshadows and it took me far too long to realise that the bigger pink one at the end was blusher. But with these brushes I actually feel like I'm kind of okay at makeup. And they're vegan and cruelty-free (to the best of my knowledge). 

My New Job 

Okay, this is dorky I know. But my new job has just vastly improved things. I no longer work until late in the evening which if you have a job where you have to do this, it's kind of soul destroying. Whilst my current job is not one that I want forever its an actually okay thing to be doing whilst I figure out what the hell I'm doing.

Links I Loved 

I'm constantly trying to educate myself about important issues in society. One such issue is sexuality. There are so many different sexuality's and so many that I just don't understand. This essay about a woman discovering her asexuality helped give me an insight to a way of life that I really know very little about. 

Dorkface is a recent blog discovery of mine but this post in particular helped me whilst I spent this month trying to figure out my own blog. One of the main pieces of advice you seem to see online about blogging is that you should have a niche, something I thought very hard about doing. But after reading this post, I felt so much better about not being able to settle on one thing to write about. In light of this, I've decided to just post about what I like and want to post about.

November Goals

Participate in Nanowrimo

If you don't know what Nanowrimo is, it stands for National Novel Writing Month and it is basically a month long writeathon in November. It's designed to help you write without editing. I've wanted to do it for a long time and since I'm not at uni this year, this seemed like the perfect time to try it out. 

Take more photos
It's never a bad thing to take more photos. But in terms of my blog I'd quite like to have more photos to work with and also maybe try out weekly roundups or Intsa-life type posts. I also want to improve my photography and the only way to do that is by taking more photos.

Eat healthier

Since moving I've kind of just ate rubbish. Which is a shame because I felt like Matt and I were doing well with our food. We had moved to a more vegetarian based diet and I was feeling a lot better. So my aim this month is to get back into that routine. 

How has your October been? Are you also planning to take part in NaNoWriMo this year? 

Thanks for reading! 

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