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Friday, 20 November 2015

Hello friends! I thought today I'd do a quick summary of the blogs and bloggers that I love. These are all the blogs that I always return to and look forward to reading. 


Dorkface is a recent discovery in blogging for me but boy am I glad I found her. Her posts cover a little bit of everything, be it makeup, art, blogging and general nerdiness. Her posts are very engaging and always a joy to read. I especially love her Friday Fives. Also I adore the layout and the colours.

North East Nerd

Similar to Dorkface, North East Nerd a.k.a Fiona blogs about all kinds of things. Her posts cover fashion, TV, games, travel, lifestyle and a whole lot of book reviews. I've been reading North East Nerd for a while now and it really inspired me into starting this blog. I particularly enjoy reading her Monthly Ruminations.

Fine and Dandy

A fellow Claire here. I recently spent a while going through her past posts and her blog is just so full of personality. She is another blogger that posts about anything and everything. Her blog is just full of positivity and the photography is always wonderful. The blog layout is also just beautiful with it's pastel colours and cute bunting!

Zoe London

Zoe London is a pro at blogging. Reading her posts you can just see the effort that goes into producing and editing them. I love Zoe's alternative style. Also, she just has consistently cool hair. Despite the fact that her blog and YouTube channel is getting bigger, her blog posts still feel very personal, like chatting to a friend. It's exactly the same tone that I want my blog to have.

Let me know some of your favourite blogs below! I love discovering new blogs.

Thanks for reading!

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