Lusting Over: Maxi Skirts

Friday, 7 August 2015

At the moment, I own only one maxi skirt, a very pitiful amount. I wore it the other day and decided that yes, I like maxi skirts, a lot. They're a very useful item of clothing to have. If you're not really feeling trousers but also not feeling the whole shaving-your-legs thing that is needed for wearing a shorter skirt, then a maxi skirt is a beautiful solution. They also look very feminine and depending on how you accessorise you can make your outfit look classy, relaxed or even a little bit edgy. 

At the moment I'm edging towards skirt's one and two. I love the daisy pattern, a pattern I had been searching for on a number of items of clothing. However, I think skirt three is edgy and could look very cool with a crop top. Skirt four is more of an everyday skirt. It's a tie dye pattern but it reminds a bit of clouds. Skirt five meanwhile is just a simple classic design.

What's items of clothes are you currently lusting after? Comment below. 

Skirt 1 - Boohoo, £10.00
Skirt 2 - Boohoo, £12.00
Skirt 3 - Missguided, £18.00
Skirt 4 - Asos, £25.00
 Skirt 5 - Asos, £30.00 

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