Trip to The Seaside (OOTD)

Friday, 12 June 2015

This is my first, of many I hope, outfit of the day blog posts. My boyfriend, Matt and I recently took a trip to Southport. This is what I wore.

I love summer. I love being able to dress exactly how I want without having to shove on five extra layers for fear of freezing to death. Don't get me wrong, I do love wearing cute hats and comfy jumpers but it feels like it's been a long time coming for the weather to have been warm enough to be able to wear sandals and sleeveless tops without worrying about have a reaction to the cold.

This outfit made me feel at once, feminine and comfortable. I decided to go with a kind of seaside feel to my outfit, sticking to the colours blue and white. I also wore my anchor earrings from CatsPlugs (pictured below), which I think are really beautiful.

I got both the top and the trousers that I'm wearing at the same time. A confession here, the only reason I ended up buying these clothes is because I was taking an item back. I thought I could be sensible and only get one item. Needless to say, I could not. The top is lacy with a tie at the bottom making it slightly cropped in style. The trousers are 3/4 length and are a very stretchy comfortable material.

The shoes I bought a little before the rest of the outfit. I've loved this platform style of shoe for a while now, but I'd found most pairs that I've wanted were quite expensive. At £15.99, I thought these were very affordable. I love the contrast between the black and the white. I love the platform meaning I can have the beauty of a heel without the pain of them. They're very comfortable and a lot more lightweight than I expected them to be.

The sunglasses I also bought a while ago; they were a little out of my comfort zone but I love them. They make me feel festival-ready (even though I'm not going to a festival this year - sob!) They might be my favourite pair of sunglasses out of the ones that I own

Sunglasses - Claires, £10

Earrings - Catsplugs, £4.99

Top - Select, £8.99

Trousers - Select, £12.99

Shoes - Select, £15.99

I hope you enjoyed this little peek at my fashion style. If you did, I'll be doing more of these kinds of posts in the future. Let me know what outfits you're wearing now the weather is looking up. 

Thanks for reading!

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