Lars and the Real Girl Review

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Hey friends! So you know how sometimes movies come along that are just so sweet and just so perfect that you want to hug them? Lars and the Real Girl is one of those movies. This film follows the extraordinarily solitary Lars. He likes to keep himself to himself despite his sister-in-laws best efforts. At work, a colleague tells Lars about an online website where you can invent your own sex doll. Lars seems disinterested; six weeks later however Lars receives a package containing none other, than his very own sex doll. 

So this movie is a relatively old movie, released in 2007, eight years ago (how was that eight years ago!) Yet, I don't remember hearing anything about it, despite the positive reviews it received all round. 

In short, this movie is exactly the thing I like. It was cute and quirky and weird. Mainly, it was full of heart. Ryan Gosling is perfect in the role of Lars and Emily Mortimer and Paul Schneider make a wonderful supporting cast. They portray brilliantly the range of emotions of family and friends who have to watch a loved one deal with mental health issues.

I don't want to spoil anything if you've not seen it but the main reason I wanted to review this movie is because it is such a positive movie about mental health. As someone who suffers with mental health problems, and despite the fact that in recent times people have become more accepting of it, I still feel a lot of stigma. This movie reminded me that there are kind people in the world and that having a mental illness does not define who you are. It is a very sincere film, never choosing to make Lars the butt of the joke, which could have so easily happened in the wrong hands. I would definitely recommend anyone who is suffering with any kind of mental health issue to watch this movie.

Lars is quite similar to the 2013 movie, Her, less beautiful perhaps but it shares a very similar message so I'd say that if you enjoyed Her you would definitely enjoy this movie.

In short, this movie is sweet and endearing with bursts of humour. It is not a movie about a strange man and his sex doll, it is a movie about Lars, a man who finds a way to tackle his loneliness and who finds out that the real world is less scary than what he once imagined.


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